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The aim of this prject is to construct an unique showroom which is formed by different purposes and trends.

In here the question comes ; ‘Why a temporary mobile showroom?’. Because it enables  different shopping experiences &  will visit all the fashion capitals and let people to know Hussein Chalayan and his unique designs moreover by experiencing this mobile showroom people will have the chance to understand design philosophy and identity of his own brand.Chalayan's designs are liberating rather than restrictive. His philosophy, like his clothes, is a complex mix of art and politics. Thus, an ironic ufo shape not only makes interactive invasion from out of space,  but also inside and outside creates a high tech ambiance and atmosphere.

The space consists of different types of funcitons such as; a design museum which contains his previous and recent selected Works, the stories behind them and the answer of the production stage of his designs step by step, besides all these, you can find the last collection of the identity. When you complete your trip in this magical out space showroom, a cafe corner will be welcoming you with organic fruits and juices for you to give a chance to rest a bit after your amazing experience.  
Concept comes from a quote of chalayan.That quote carried me to the u.f.o idea.
This ironic shape not only makes interactive invasion from out of space, but also inside and outside creates a high tech ambiance and atmosphere.The people on the streets do not know him or at the most they just heard about him so i decided to design a temporary mobile showroom. This will let people to know him and his design philosophy better. starting from world fashion capitals.
Functions creates system and system is a whole thing but its more than its elements this plus value at the same time concept.Basic ufo functions from scientifiction movie

The visitors of the temporary mobile showroom, firstly encounter with the shopping part of the second floor after exiting the capsule elevator. The new collections of the Hussein Chalayan are hung on at this part and hung on the hangers

The collections in the capsules have electronically functions and they have to be protected. Because of it they have been put inside the capsules. On the large edge a non-electronic costume is exhibited.
The doors of the cabinets are electronic which are opening to the inner part. The forms of the cabinets are designed respect to the general concepts of the project.

After the exhibition area the second shopping part comes which includes clothes on the hangers and  the second  main changing cabin.

 After the second shopping area, the smart ramp directs the visitors to the last shopping part that is exhibited bags, shoes and accessory designs of the designer. The bags and shoes part is positioned as an additional parapet to the plastic cover.


In addition to this, there are three gaps that are positioned inside the plastic cover for the purpose of exhibiting the shoes. And under it a long sitting element where the customers can sit and try shoes.

At the end of the last shopping area, at the ground floor, there is a cash payment desk and behind the cash payment desk there, is a storage room that has been positioned under the smart ramp and the walls of the room are constituted from the plastic cover of the inner part of the building.



after a amazing trip to feel interior ambiance more or to rest getting freshwith drinks  there is a cafe bar located in the center of the ufo.. The chairs that have been used for the cafe are the iconic chair designs of Verner Panton. In cafe part of the building serves another functional opportunity to the visitors.

There are some LCD display screens on the ground that have been put on to the floor. The LCD display screens let people to watch the art shows, fashion displays, the designing process of the collections and other art works of the genius designer Chalayan’.
At the end of the amazing shopping experience, a large stair comes and meets the visitors to direct them to the exit. The stairs have been positioned at the end of the cafe, it is used as en exit from the temporary mobile showroom.


The project starts with the concepts that direct the form, structure and the parts of the building. The design process of the project begins after composing the concepts that should have been applied to the project. The nucleus of the mobile showroom is the capsule elevator that brings people directly to the second floor of the building from the exterior part of the building. The elevator gives a raying mood as bringing people directly to the building from outside. When the visitors exit from the elevator, the amazing shopping experience starts.

Visitors passes same place just 1 time
circulation type of the project is linear and circular that is differentiated in the vertical axis and is pepped up. The best-known example of this idea is the Guggenheim


shopping part: hanger for clothes These hangers are constituted from flexible metals.

Exhibition: in the middle of shopping areas the exhibition part is located. there are five capsules and one large edge for demonstrating the selected previous works of Chalayan.


CABINS: there are two main changing cabins that serve people to try the costumes. Each of them serves for 2 person inside with a mirror from the middle part they are divided .


Shoes&bags:  at the end of the ramp place for exhibiting shoes bags and accessories starting.


Cash payment:, at the ground floor, there is a cash payment desk and behind the cash payment desk there, is a storage room that has been positioned under the smart ramp and the walls of the room are constituted from the plastic cover of the inner part of the building.


Cafe and bar: The cafe was positioned around the capsule elevator, the form of the bar desk is semi-circle that surrounds the capsule elevator. The drinks are stored in the gap on the wall of the cafe that covers the elevator and has 3 meters height


Stairs: at the end of cafe bar there are stairs which you can use for leaving ufo and the only way to leave ufo. They were constructed from the glass and steel composition.


DETAILS(temporary mobile easy to construct)

It is constituted an ellipsoid framework for providing the construction an unidentified flying object form. It is installed twelve C-shaped steel construction in vertical axis that is connected to the nucleolus of the structure. Every C- shaped element of the structure is constituted from the connection of the duct profiles that are ranked with the distance of 20 cm with two box-profiles, which have squared-sections. The four of these elements that have been placed at the vertical axes are the main bearers of the structure. And they are perpendicular to each other at the orthogonal axes. These vertical bearer elements are conjoined to each other with the connection of four elliptical duct at the horizontal axes.The horizontal duct profile, which is positioned at the upper point of the structure, has been connected to the upper point of the steel nucleus with four box profiles at the orthogonal axes. At the first floor level, It has been closed with an elliptical framework gravitates to direction of the centre. This framework connects rigidly at the vertical axes.The C- shaped perpendicular bearers are connected to internal shell, exterior shell and smart ramp directly.
Interior shell designed to the needs of space and human needs.


The temporary mobile showroom that is carried on the structural feet, respects the public void and provides accessibility to the quality of the area.
People can pass under it and the enrance and exit areas never creates confusion
There are openings on the top and the front surface to take sunlight in.
Exterior is more simple interior is much more detailed




Marcel Wanders


Casa son Vida,Mallorca




Mondrian south beach,Miami









Jaime Hayon


Faberge Salon

"The interior of the Faberge boutique presents an innovative approach to the High Jewellery experience, with its expression of modern luxury through simplicity and sensuality. The concept and design focuses on superlative craftsmanship, sensually minimal shapes and forms, and exquisite materials, including silk wall drapes, rare woods and Carrara marble. The materials used give the boutique an organic and dynamic feel balanced by a serenity that comes from the tonality of neutral, silvered metallic shades. Light and luminosity that flood the boutique form the central theme of Hayons interior design. Simple open spaces are bathed in the reflections of mirrors and in outside light that drifts through the tinted glass of cut-out gem-shaped panels in tall interconnecting doors. "


Octium Jewelry

"Octium, a new concept jewelry shop, opened its doors in October 2009. Located in 360 mall in Kuwait, Octium presents the work of various exclusive jewelry designers from around the globe. Hayon's design offers an innovative approach to an interior. Most elements where custom designed for the project using contrasting finishes like glossy lacquered woods, natural oak, ceramic, luxurious fabrics... "


La Terraza del Casino

"The Restaurant La Terraza del Casino (Madrid, Spain) presents its spectacular new look. An interiors project by Jaime Hayon that explores the balance of an aesthetic link between past and future using his very personal style that connects harmoniously with the imaginative and innovative kitchen of the outstanding chef: Paco Roncero. The project presents new furniture elements created by Hayon in consonance with the restaurant's needs as well as different hand crafted details, always on the look for that special something that blends art and design."


Damien Hirst


Pharmachy restaurant & bar

"The restaurant was opened in collaboration with Matthew Freud, Liam Carson of the Groucho Club and Momo’s, and Jonathan Kennedy, one of the founders of Quo Vadis.
The interior was designed in its entirety by the artist and included a number of major Hirst artworks such as ‘Molecular Structure’ (1997–1998). Its convincing pharmaceutical appearance led to threats of legal action by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society for misleading the public. Hirst recalls, “A woman once asked me for an aspirin and I had to say, ‘I’m sorry, we have a strictly no drugs policy here!’” After the initial use of anagrams such as ‘Army Chap’, the premises were eventually renamed Pharmacy Restaurant & Bar.The restaurant opened whilst Hirst’s installation ‘Pharmacy’ (1992) was on display at Tate Britain. Of the difference between the two, Hirst states that “Art’s dead. Life is alive. Pharmacy’s alive. It’s like: Eat your dinner, complain about the food, wash the plates … It lives. Whereas ‘Pharmacy’s dead.”Pharmacy was awarded the prize for best-designed restaurant from the Carlton London Restaurant Award in 1998.On the closure of the restaurant in 2004, Sotheby’s auction house conducted a largescale sale of its contents, including artworks, fixtures, furniture and tableware."

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